Strategic Planning & Consulting

VBG delivers strategic direction as well as day-to-day services to our clients. Our creativity, experience and technical expertise helps us provide comprehensive employee benefit services tailored to meet the individual needs of any organization. We do this through:

  • ​Custom-Built Benefit Strategies
  • Long-Term Cost Containment Strategies
  • Plan Administration and Compliance Support
  • Scheduled Plan Maintenance & Measurability
  • Employee Education & Engagement Strategies

Our Staff consists of employee benefit specialists in all offerings, not just in one particular product. We are here to help you offer a well-rounded benefits package to the most important asset your company controls: your employees.

Compliance & Health Care Reform

Knowing whether you’re compliant can be a daunting task with the ongoing changes in healthcare reform. We keep you current with Federal regulations in areas such as ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, IRS Section 125, FMLA and in all State regulations where your company or employees may be located. If we find you have compliance gaps, we will help you implement the necessary procedures to close those gaps. We provide:

  • Compliance Webinars & Education
  • Internal Compliance Department Advice
  • Attorney Access with Written Responses For Your Files
  • Compliance Portal
  • Access to Our SPHR Staff
  • Newsletter & Alerts


Financial Analytics & Benchmarking

We understand the importance of evaluating the impact of plan designs and pricing changes to help determine whether carriers are providing the right assumptions for your renewal of medical, life, disability and other specialized coverage.

In addition, knowing how your organization compares with other employers through industry-specific, State-specific and National benchmarking data and cost-saving opportunities is critical information to help you act with confidence when making employee benefit decisions. We provide:

  • Claims Reporting Analytics
  • Industry Specific Benchmarking
  • National & Regional Employee or C-Suite Perspective survey data
  • Actuarial Consulting and Modeling Services
  • Plan Analysis Tools

Benefit Plan Management

We understand that benefit planning goes beyond simply quoting plans and structuring benefits as a reactive annual exercise. By taking a consultative approach, we identify, develop and implement client-specific solutions that reflect an organization’s philosophy and corporate objectives. We provide:

  • Industry Specific Benchmarking Analytics
  • Claims & Underwriting Advocacy
  • Renewal & New Plan Management Analysis
  • Plan Implementation & Continuous Support
  • HR Support Services (Administration, Compliance & Legal)
  • Benefits Administration Technology (HRIS)






Employee Communication & Education

Making employees aware of the valuable health and welfare benefits & insurance made available to them and their families can have a positive impact on employee job productivity, satisfaction and turnover. Employee communication is instrumental in the overall effectiveness of an employee benefits package.

Technology solutions is not the future, but it is the present and where appropriate, can facilitate efficient enrollment, communication with employees and communication with insurance carriers and other vendors. We provide:

  • Personnel for Onsite Meetings
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Informational Webinars and Lunch and Learns
  • Customized Employee Benefit Booklets
  • Access to Claims Advocacy for Employee, Dependent & Employee's In-Laws


Wellness Management & Consulting

Wellness solutions are not a one size fits all program. There are a variety of methods, strategies, plans, vendors and solutions that need to be looked at closely in order for a wellness plan to benefit your company and employees alike. Although we use the same formula to assess and strategize with all our clients, the results are as unique as your business and your goals.

Regardless if you are just starting out in the wellness planning or are thinking of moving to the next level strategy, we can guide you to the end goal. By analyzing claims data to identify the health issues driving plan costs, we can develop population health management strategies that work for you and your employees. We provide:

  • Strategic Wellness Program Planning
  • Health Fair Initiatives
  • Immunizations/Flu Shots/Biometric Screenings/Massages

Wellness Vendor Evaluation, Selection and Management Services